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Here is what others have had to say about Textappeal

“TextAppeal is a MUST HAVE handbook! I was one of those people who hated text just because I found it to be a waste of time. After reading this book though, I have learned to embrace texting and use it as a tool to get what I want. No girl should pick up her phone without this book. Thanks Mike!” – Vi T.

“I like the forwardness in this book. No B.S., just straight to the material. Since it’s 2010 the internet, cellphones, emails and TEXTING have become the new way of flirting and communication in the digital era. So it’s very important to master this area of dating. I’ve been in the trenches and learned a few hard lessons. Texts and emails can make or break your game. WORDS, WORDS, WORDS are sooooo important. This is a book that I can reference back to time and time again. I would like to see the author come out with another book that shows a lot of one liners, “hooks” and real examples that would give beginners a base to start off with. A product like that would definitely compliment Text Appeal.” – Mike P.

“The Art of Texting is not only an informative book for anyone who is wondering why she can’t seem to get the guy, but also a funny, heartfelt read from the guy himself who is willing to tell you his secrets. With the enormous increase in text communication, can you afford to not understand a better way of texting?” Jillian, Psychotherapist and author of the blog blueshelled

“I was doing a search for “texting mistakes in relationships” and stumbled on Mike’s ebook. I was skeptical to buy it, but am so glad I did. I recently renewed an old relationship and everything was going wonderfully until the texts stopped. I couldn’t figure out what happened until I read this book and realized I had become sounding desperate and needy. Didn’t even know it, but I was doing almost every one of the things in the “DO NOT DO” column!! I am going to take a deep breath and try to dig myself out of the hole I created. In the meantime, because of reading this book, I will never make the same mistakes again! If I get my guy to not think I’ve turned into a needy weirdo, then I will follow this to a T!! Thanks, Mike!!!” – Jackson

“I am one of Mike’s personal friends and I love this book along with all of the advice I get from mike in person. I don’t think many people realize how important it is to say the right thing at the right time. Mike’s book is funny, helpful and incredibly insightful.” – Lynn C.

“Wow well done! I am continually amazed at what you pull out of your brain and put onto “paper”…truly.” – Tara L.

“Mike’s ebook and his advice helped me so much in figuring out stuff we women would have never thought of. He knows how men think! He knows how to push their buttons, how to make them respond, how to make them come running. Stuff we women will take forever to figure out because most of the time we are so caught up in our feelings!” – Nina H.

“I’m newly back into the dating world, texting was basically non-existant the last time I was dating. Needless to say, I’ve been having a rough time navigating the “Texting World”. After reading, I now have some very clear & precise guidelines to help keep me on track & keeping them interested. I admit that I was quite guilty of many of the NoNo’s that Mike touched on. I have since changed my texting ways & it looks like I just might have gained & kept the attention of a few guys that I’m interested in. Thanks Mike!!” – Ben

“A lot of the content of the book I have kinda known, but Mike (great name!) tied it together for me. Mike explains a lot about relationship ying and yang and how to use texting to push the results you want. It is a quick read too, tons of info in a tight package, hopefully Mike’s text tips will get me the same kind of girl! =)” – Mike

“Texting is my M.O. but I was guilty of going about it the wrong way. Previous to my textual awakening (ha) I just erased the guy’s number so that I wouldn’t be tempted to text him first…especially after drinking! I liked the point of taking control of the exchange by matching their response time or exceeding it, a prolonged response speaks volumes.” – Brittany .

I don’t understand how all this works? Here are a couple of questions you might have.

Q: Is this is physical product?

A: No, this is a digital product designed to be viewed/heard on a computer, iphone, ipad and other digital devices. The audio is in mp3 and the data is in PDF, click here for a free reader.

Q: How will I be billed?

A: You will be billed via credit card or paypal, there will be no reference to what you purchased.

Q: What if something goes wrong?

A: About 1 out of a 100 books sold someone emails me, this is usually because the email address they provided to pay is not the one they check daily. This isn’t a problem, I will be happy to fix any issues you might have, simply email me and I will verify your purchase rectify the problem.

Q: How long will this take?

A: It is pretty much instant, you pay and about 20 seconds later you will get an email with links to the product. All you have to do is click on the link and the PDF/MP3 will download to your computer, both files are compressed so they only take a couple of seconds to download. Thanks for ordering! Mike Masters


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