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Ready to move forward?

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I have helped thousands of people understand how to master the art of texting in a simple ebook packed tight with information. I can help you understand why texting can totally rock at flirting with the opposite sex and how it can shoot you in the butt if you do it wrong. Stop screwing up now!!

“I recommend, no urge, EVERYONE to get this ebook! It has completely opened up my eyes and changed my dating life. I had no idea that so many things I did were killing my chances, ouch!” – Kim Hess – The famous “Divorce Guru”

I know why you are here

You know when I sell the most of these books? Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Want to know why? Because this is usually when people feel the most amount of relationship pain, and it is amazing how often it is related to texting. But I can help you, keep scrolling down and learn how to put total control back in your corner.

Is this you??

You just got this really sexy girl’s number and you drop her a line, “Hey gorgeous so nice to meet you” but you get no response back. So you send another one the next day, “Hey, you busy next weekend?” but no response. What the hell just happened? Why didn’t she get back to me?? Not only can I help you salvage the situation I can help you never to repeat this blunder again!

So Katie really likes this guy but she doesn’t understand why he isn’t texting her back. She has sent him three texts today already and he is only responding with one-liners like “great” or “fun”. This is SOOO frustrating because only last week he was taking the initiative to contact her, he was doing 90% of the texting! What the hell happened? This is pretty classic and fixing this situation is pretty easy, let me explain to you the how and why behind this!

You really really are into this girl but she doesn’t seem to be too keen to talk on the phone. She texts you back but you can tell she isn’t as into you. You feel like maybe it was something you said before? or something you texted? You already were physically involved but she just doesn’t seem to be reciprocating the attraction… What the hell do I do?? This is one of the coolest things about texting, you can experiment with a lot of the dating strategies I teach, something that is so hard to do for the first time in person. Attraction is not far away!

You are super annoyed with the fact that he keeps sending you texts like, “What color are your panties” or “Send me a sexy picture of yourself!” Shit! What is wrong with him?? Why won’t he at least ask me out on a fucking date before he demands to see the goods. I like this guy, I think he is cute but the idea of sending dirty pictures just feels wrong to me. I can teach you to bump his sexual obsession to relationship curiosity, you can totally change his thinking NOW.

Is this book written for Girls or Guys??

Honestly it doesn’t really matter, in fact not understanding the other side is very much contributing to your failures. Men, take the example above about sending dirty texts, THIS IS A TURN OFF FOR MOST WOMEN Ladies the incessant texting demanding for a response? GUYS FIND THIS ANNOYING AS HELL. Most dating guides are only written for one sex but mine is written for both, why? because I am one of those rare people that gets what both sexes are thinking, something you really need to pay attention to. Guys, girls like to have sex too. Girls, guys enjoy relationships as well. Let me teach you how to bring either the direction you need.

Lets address some common problems

They are only sending short or single word texts! it is so frustrating!


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“My favorite part is where you describe the game as being visible and controllable if only it can be slowed down to a manageable speed. You remember in the movie, “The Matrix” where Keanu Reeves can dodge bullets by in his hyperspeed perception, everything slows down. It’s the “Tao of Texting!” very cool Mike” – Ken

Texting Tip #1: Texting is such a killer medium to create attraction but it is also a place where so many people do so much damage. They really don’t understand how texting can communicate all the wrong things if done wrong.

For example: something as simple as the time you allow to pass before replying, or how long you wait to text for the first time can be so huge. To most people it seems ludicrous that waiting a little bit longer to text someone can have such a impact but let me assure you it does, it shows that you have some emotional control. It shows that you are not overly eager to jump into a relationship and thus it raises your value.

I text something stupid or needy and they RAN



“Texting is my M.O. but I was guilty of going about it the wrong way. Previous to my textual awakening (ha) I just erased the guy’s number so that I wouldn’t be tempted to text him first…especially after drinking! I liked the point of taking control of the exchange by matching their response time or exceeding it, a prolonged response speaks volumes.” – Brittany

Texting Tip #2: One of the major mistakes people make texting, is doing it when drunk! Obviously all of us have had more than one nightmare when we have combined the opposite sex and alcohol. This is something that you can recover from but clearly it would be better to hand your phone to a friend! Friends Don’t Let Friends Text Drunk! However, this is easy to fix, all you have to do is make them feel safe again, help them laugh at you, and redirect the mistake into a backhanded complement.

Example: (recovering from a drunk/bad text/multiple)

You: I am a little drunk right now and I can’t stop thinking about you. I haven’t felt this way about a girl in a long time.
You: Hello!!! Drunk guy here again, text me back babe
You: Crap, almost dropped my phone in the toilet, well… Hope you have filthy dreams about me tonight! (you wake up hung over and you look at your texts in horror)
Her: (no response all the next day, things are probably okay but you feel you really screwed up)
You: Hahaha, wow… I was a total idiot last night. Some people get aggressive when they drink, I get lovey dovey. Don’t worry, I did the same thing to another girl last night. Ooops!
Her: Seriously, you sent the same thing to another girl? You must have a lot of girls. You: Maybe… :-)

(Okay, you made fun of yourself, you redirected the mistake, and you peaked her interest again. Now I would sit on it for a day or two and let your mistakes fade. Most likely she will be the one to contact you and you can start fresh, but this time CONTROL YOURSELF!!)

Texting Tip #3: What about if you just screwed up and said the wrong thing? Maybe you demanded something out of the relationship that the other person wasn’t ready to offer you. How is it possible to recover from saying the wrong thing? How can you create comfort again and swing the power, and their interest back in your favor? If you just said the wrong thing the easiest recovery is just to ignore it and allow your silence to play on their own insecurities. Said something really bad? That would be similar to the drunk text and you have to create safety again without losing power. Fortunately, I have an entire chapter on this in my book below.

He keeps texting dirty stuff, I like him but jeeze… cut it out!


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Do you want results like this??



Wouldn’t you like to know?:

Why he isn’t texting you back!?

Why your multiple texts are killing the attraction?

Why she got so upset with your last text?

Why he is so sexual in his texts?

How to have her text you back right away?

How to have him ask you out with only a couple of texts?

How to safely flirt with the greatest results?

How to have her waiting for your text rather than the opposite???


Let me introduce you to TextAppeal, it is an inexpensive 70 page ebook packed with strategies, how-tos, and no-nos, so many of you commit.

I wrote the book specifically to fix the most common texting mistakes all of you make, and from my extensive knowledge as a dating guru I can help you turn the tables instantly!

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Still curious? Let’s look at a few more problems

I am in a Long Distance Relationship and they are getting DISTANT!



“I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your book. It was a very fast paced, fun read that taught me a lot about what people are really thinking. Everyone should be handed this book with their first cellphone! Way to go!!” – Jerry

Texting Tip #4: LDR’s are rough, but it is relatively easy to add a new layer of attraction by employing some of the techniques I teach in Textappeal. I can help you regenerate attention from them or do repair with some simple techniques that will shock you as to how effective they are. Learning to be more assertive, unapologetic, and non-needy are excellent ways to pull more power/attention back to you. Learning how and when to use silence, cutting jealousy out 101%, and setting strong boundaries will increase attraction radically.

Example: (Boundary setting, not apologizing)

Him: Hey sweetie, I know you are really busy but I need a favor
Her: Sure, hon what’s up?
Him: I want to support you but I really don’t want to text about your job anymore
Her: Is this a problem?
Him: Yeah, I want to be excited to get a text from you, not hear about your coworkers. If need be lets save that for the phone.
Her: If this is such a big deal, fine…

(She doesn’t sound too happy here, but boundary setting is usually met with this kind of childish resistance. But, in the long run you get what you want, while generating respect, and attraction because you won’t back down. This is stupid sexy, know your boundaries in LDRs, it is one of the most crucial things keeping them afloat)

Texting Tip #5: Someone not giving you the attention you desire? This works on the same concept as above, attraction is something that needs to be escalated and maintained. If it is something you are not constantly feeding I can promise you it will fade! Learning how to push and pull your target with texting is so easy and stupid effective. Something as simple as a playful mixed complement can turn the mundane into some serious sexual tension.

Example: (Mixed complement)

Her: Why are you such a pain in the ass?
You: I am always difficult with attractive women!
Her: Wow, should I take that as a complement?
You: Sure, but you should see me with someone really attractive. :-)
Her: Hahaha, you ass… You: 😉

(Notice you are tempering your “pain in the assness” with emoticons, this is essential to lighten the mood of any busting on her/him)

I got drunk and I sent something really stupid, what do I do?


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“Mike!! I really enjoyed the read. I got this book because I am recently divorced and the girl I am currently dating is a texting machine. I didn’t really know much about this world but after your book I feel not only competant but confident I can keep my lady on her toes! Thanks again buddy”- John

Increasing someone’s interest in you is really the focus of the entire book. I want to teach you how to really really get the Tao of texting AND to transfer your skills here directly into your face-to-face interactions. This is what makes texting so awesome. It is a totally safe proving ground for the skills you must master to be successful in person with the opposite sex!

Moving it to real life

This is not only about Texting, it is about relationship balance and how to obtain a healthy form of it. Texting is just a medium for this form of communication and a very safe way to practice. Once you understand the basics of power balance via texting you can start to branch it out into face-to-face interactions. Texting is such a beautiful place to comprehend power balance because of its slow pace and safe environment. Understanding these concepts is like giving you a communication machine gun while they are still only holding a slingshot.

A few of the topics covered in the book:

Why normal conversation and texting are NOT the same

Drive them nuts – Responding by not Responding

Why you should NEVER send Dirty Stuff

No Pulling Punches! Hit them in the face and don’t flinch

The Beauty of Challenge and why they will want you

The Hook, the most effective way to get them to respond

Using, but not responding to jealousy

Keep your power and always be the First to Exit the Conversation

Being funny and Purposely Misunderstanding

Rescuing that relationship you destroyed with one text!

Sound interesting? Click here for few pages of the book

So I know what you are thinking. What if this doesn’t work for me? Let me show you why you need this book

First: I am on amazon with some damn good reviews!

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Second: You get a 36 min audio recording of some of the FAQ’s I answer on a daily basis

I get a ton of questions on my site about texting, so in addition to the book, I thought you would like to hear me answer some of the more common questions about texting and relationship balance.

A few of the slightly ridiculous questions covered in the audio:

I want to have sex with a guy friend of mine, can I send him a photo to turn him on??

Ugh! I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to tell him “Hey can you text me please?” I don’t want to sound all desperate and needy.

I said, “You’re a dirty perverted jackass, I’m never speaking to you again.” Now I want him to talk to me and he won’t. What should I do?

Like, do you guys think about what you type or do you guys just send & do you guys take forever to text back on purpose?

The audio is very raw but I think you will laugh and learn.

Third: I have worked out deals with two other authors to give you two free books!


I convinced Robert, my good friend, to offer half of his ebook for free for people that buy TEXTAPPEAL. This is really a killer deal, his book is totally awesome and even I learned stuff from it. Not kidding, I know an absolute ton about sex and dating but he opened my eyes to a few key concepts. One of which, “Sexual Tension” is going to turn into another book by me eventually! Robert’s book is incredible and you will thank me for including it. The book is called Ignore and Score and sells on his website for $27 bucks but you get half of it for free when you buy TEXTAPPEAL! .




I just finished a second ebook with relationship expert Kim Hess and I would love to offer half of it to purchasers of TEXTAPPEAL. This book is about getting back in the game of dating after a serious breakup or divorce. Not only that but it explains a TON about really finding the perfect guy. So even if you are not just out of a relationship, the book can really help you out. Supplemented with the book are interactive videos that Kim and I made to answer your more serious questions about getting back in the game. Getting back on the Horse book retails for $27.95 and you will get half of the 126 page book for free. Wow… I am so nice!

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So how much is it to get the person you want obsessed with you??

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Here is what others have had to say about Textappeal

“TextAppeal is a MUST HAVE handbook! I was one of those people who hated text just because I found it to be a waste of time. After reading this book though, I have learned to embrace texting and use it as a tool to get what I want. No girl should pick up her phone without this book. Thanks Mike!” – Vi T.

“I like the forwardness in this book. No B.S., just straight to the material. Since it’s 2010 the internet, cellphones, emails and TEXTING have become the new way of flirting and communication in the digital era. So it’s very important to master this area of dating. I’ve been in the trenches and learned a few hard lessons. Texts and emails can make or break your game. WORDS, WORDS, WORDS are sooooo important. This is a book that I can reference back to time and time again. I would like to see the author come out with another book that shows a lot of one liners, “hooks” and real examples that would give beginners a base to start off with. A product like that would definitely compliment Text Appeal.” – Mike P.

“The Art of Texting is not only an informative book for anyone who is wondering why she can’t seem to get the guy, but also a funny, heartfelt read from the guy himself who is willing to tell you his secrets. With the enormous increase in text communication, can you afford to not understand a better way of texting?” Jillian, Psychotherapist and author of the blog blueshelled

“I was doing a search for “texting mistakes in relationships” and stumbled on Mike’s ebook. I was skeptical to buy it, but am so glad I did. I recently renewed an old relationship and everything was going wonderfully until the texts stopped. I couldn’t figure out what happened until I read this book and realized I had become sounding desperate and needy. Didn’t even know it, but I was doing almost every one of the things in the “DO NOT DO” column!! I am going to take a deep breath and try to dig myself out of the hole I created. In the meantime, because of reading this book, I will never make the same mistakes again! If I get my guy to not think I’ve turned into a needy weirdo, then I will follow this to a T!! Thanks, Mike!!!” – Jackson

“I am one of Mike’s personal friends and I love this book along with all of the advice I get from mike in person. I don’t think many people realize how important it is to say the right thing at the right time. Mike’s book is funny, helpful and incredibly insightful.” – Lynn C.

“Wow well done! I am continually amazed at what you pull out of your brain and put onto “paper”…truly.” – Tara L.

“Mike’s ebook and his advice helped me so much in figuring out stuff we women would have never thought of. He knows how men think! He knows how to push their buttons, how to make them respond, how to make them come running. Stuff we women will take forever to figure out because most of the time we are so caught up in our feelings!” – Nina H.

“I’m newly back into the dating world, texting was basicly non-existant the last time I was dating. Needless to say, I’ve been having a rough time navigating the “Texting World”. After reading, I now have some very clear & precise guidelines to help keep me on track & keeping them interested. I admit that I was quite guilty of many of the NoNo’s that Mike touched on. I have since changed my texting ways & it looks like I just might have gained & kept the attention of a few guys that I’m interested in. Thanks Mike!!” – Ben

“A lot of the content of the book I have kinda known, but Mike (great name!) tied it together for me. Mike explains a lot about relationship ying and yang and how to use texting to push the results you want. It is a quick read too, tons of info in a tight package, hopefully Mike’s text tips will get me the same kind of girl! =)” – Mike

“Texting is my M.O. but I was guilty of going about it the wrong way. Previous to my textual awakening (ha) I just erased the guy’s number so that I wouldn’t be tempted to text him first…especially after drinking! I liked the point of taking control of the exchange by matching their response time or exceeding it, a prolonged response speaks volumes.” – Brittany .

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I am already selling the book on amazon and here is part of a killer review I recieved there:

“I must admit I’m not someone who buys into the self-help genre very often. Not a fan of the usual uppity psychobabble. I came across this and considering how much time females spend on Facebook what could it hurt to add a few new ideas to the playbook? Luckily this was a pretty refreshing change from the usual wanna-be Jedi mind tricks advocated in the PUA boards more often than not.

I found it interesting someone finally touched on the reverse effects and potential backlash of the PUA tactics of the so called “pros”. I can tell you first hand that there are a lot of women who are very aware of these ploys, either through Mystery’s MTV show which put it out there for the masses, or who’ve picked up Neil Strauss’ ‘The Game’ out of mild amusement, or frankly anyone who’s ever been through a basic sales seminar for that matter. If she’s even a little aware of what you’re trying to pull, it’s over before it’s begun.

This book isn’t a bunch of cheap tricks and slimeball tactics to get every hot chick you see into bed, though I suppose if you actually apply the advice properly and play your cards right that is a possible outcome if that’s what you’re looking for. The difference however, is this advice is going to make it a lot more likely for a repeat performance in the future (should you decide you want one) without converting every girl you bed into a stage 5 clinger full of all or nothing ultimatums.

In this age of technology you will be judged by everyone who lands on your page from the girl your currently after, to her friends, to that girl you still want to hook up with next time you’re passing through NY, to your crazy ex still trying to lay her claim, to your guy friends and their sabotage posts (either through attempts to be funny
or flat out jealousy). This book shows you how to handle them all with charm and efficiency and keep you not just in the game but ahead of it.

An insightful and enjoyable read that will take your interaction with women to the next level by putting the tools you already have to better use. I know a lot of guys who can’t afford NOT to read this.” – Richard Deal

Honestly FB dating will get it’s own site soon, so this deal won’t be around for much longer.


Download your copy of TEXTAPPEAL AND FB DATING now with FAQ’s and TWO extra ebooks $65 dollar value only $18.95

I don’t understand how all this works? Here are a couple of questions you might have.

Q: Is this is physical product?

A: No, this is a digital product designed to be viewed/heard on a computer, iphone, ipad and other digital devices. The audio is in mp3 and the data is in PDF, click here for a free reader.

Q: How will I be billed?

A: You will be billed via credit card or paypal, there will be no reference to what you purchased.

Q: What is something goes wrong?

A: About 1 out of a 100 books sold someone emails me, this is usually because the email address they provided to pay is not the one they check daily. This isn’t a problem, I will be happy to fix any issues you might have, simply email me at masterdatertextappeal@gmail.com (THIS EMAIL IS ONLY FOR PURCHASERS OF TEXTAPPEAL) and I will verify your purchase rectify the problem.

Q: How long will this take?

A: It is pretty much instant, you pay and about 20 seconds later you will get an email with links to the product. All you have to do is click on the link and the PDF/MP3 will download to your computer, both files are compressed so they only take a couple of seconds to download. Thanks for ordering! Mike Masters

Download your copy of TEXTAPPEAL AND FB DATING now with FAQ’s and TWO extra ebooks $65 dollar value only $18.95

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